Event Registration 2017

Rider Registration:  OPEN

The maximum number of riders we can accommodate is 100.  When we reach that number, registration will close automatically.  If for some reason a rider un-registers, registration will open again.  If closed, check back frequently and you might find it open.

This is the beginning of a multi-page sign up form.

  1. Contact Info
  2. Personal Info
  3. Rider Registration
  4. Volunteer Registration

Most of you will choose between riding or volunteering, but there is also the option of riding one day and volunteering the other.

  • Everyone will fill out the first 2 pages.
  • If you’re only riding, please skip all the questions on the volunteer page.
  • If you’re only volunteering, please skip all the questions on the rider page.
  • If you’re riding one day and volunteering the other, please complete all pages.

If you have completed even one page of this form, your record will be created and held under your email address.  If you’ve begun, didn’t complete and have come back to finish, please click the link below to retrieve your record and complete the registration.
Click here to edit your existing record.