Food and Item Donations

Food and Item Donations: OPEN
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On this page, we’re asking you to select and bring items from the list below to Soul Food Farm on Saturday morning.  These provisions will provide us with energy and sustain us for the weekend Pilgrimage.

Please select one item at a time by entering the quantity you will provide in the open box to the right, (for example: 3) and then click ADD.  Then go to the next item you want to bring.  Please click ADD for each item individually.  

The items you’ve added will be listed below under the heading:  “Your Donated Items”. 

Please remember to label each item associated with the Usage Label field.  This will help us direct your donations to the right volunteer group.

Thank you.

(Note:  If you are un-registering and cannot join us on the Pilgrimage, please remove the items that you were going to bring…unless you can give them to someone else who will bring them to Soul Food Farm for you.  Thank you.)

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