Registering for the Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage can be a five fold path…(You might not need all of them):

  • Register as a Volunteer or Rider (or both)…some pilgrims ride one day and become a volunteer for the other.
  • Click the Food & Item Donations page to make a much-needed contribution to our food items.
  • Click on reserving a return seat on our shuttle back to our starting place.
  • Click the Donating Dana page to make a tax deductible donation.

Thank you for your support.                        _______________________________________________________________________

Volunteers:   We can’t do this without you.

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Volunteers are the backbone of our success in offering and directing the Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage. There are coordinators for each team who organize and plan their activities.  You can volunteer to help and be apart of any team.  A list of volunteer opportunities will appear on the Volunteer registration page. If you have questions about an individual team, please Contact Us.   _______________________________________________________________________

Riders:  2 Days – 123 miles – 60,000 breaths

Register as a Rider:  CLOSED
Waiting List:  OPEN
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If you’re going to ride, you must be registered.


Food & Item Donations:   We’ve got to eat!  OPEN

Donate Items Here

Here is where you will be able to select items from a list of food that will be needed to feed everyone. Select the items that you will bring to the starting point on the Saturday morning of the ride between the early hours of 6:00am to 6:30am.  Be sure to label each item as indicated in the donation list so it makes it to the designated team.


Registering for the Shuttle Bus Home:  OPEN 

After the closing ceremony on Sunday, we will have a reserved charter bus waiting to take riders and volunteers back to the starting point . During rider and volunteer registration, you will have an opportunity to select the option to take our bus back to the starting point.  If you do so, an email will be sent to you by the Bus Coordinator with the details of reserving your seat. Thank you


Donating Dana:  Offering Donations…. OPEN

Donate Dana Here

This is where we need your help in making this event a success.  Imagine the expenses for the rental truck, mileage, gas, campground reservations for 130 people, insurance, permits, porta-potties, lunch, donations to the monasteries in the end and various other expenses.  We can do it!