Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage

The 2018 Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage is happening!

September 29-30, 2018

Classic Route -- Spirit Rock to Abhayagiri

“And may our coming here together be of benefit to all beings everywhere.”


This year’s Buddhist Bicycle spiritual theme is
the emotion or quality of equanimity.

In Pali, it is translated into two different words used by the Buddha to represent different aspects of equanimity.
“Upekkha” translates as “to look over” and reflects the power of observation that see does not get caught up by what it sees. It is the ease of seeing the bigger picture with patience and understanding.

The second translation is “Tatramajjhattata” “ two words combined that mean, “to stand in the middle of all this” It is the quality of equanimity that refers to balance, to remaining centered in the middle of whatever is happening.

As we prepare for this Pilgrimage, and on our actual journey, we will have many opportunities to use mindfulness to observe and practice these two qualities of equanimity.

As a collective group of Pilgrims on this ride, we will have the opportunity to support each other and experience the strong presence of inner calm, well-being, confidence, vitality and integrity that is the gift of the practice of equanimity.

(Adapted from a talk by Gil Fronsdal, May 29, 2004

May our Bicycles, Hearts and Minds enjoy Balance !

The Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage is run entirely on a volunteer basis. There is no set fee to join us.  Instead, participants offer food, supplies, effort, volunteering, metta (loving kindness) and monetary donations for the two-day journey.

     [  A message from the Board  ]

Dear Pilgrims,

The year 2017 has closed and 2018 is upon us. We look back at what we accomplished last year and set out our vision for this year.

Last year was the second ride up to Aloka Vihara. We were grateful to everyone who pitched in to help organize and prepare for this major undertaking, as well as everyone who had faith in our ability to get this done and joined us for this adventure! A major Thank You! to Autumn Bernstein for stepping up and taking on our Ride Coordinator role again this year. The Ride Coordinator is the linchpin that holds everything together and makes each ride a success. She was assisted significantly by Peter Crimmin. In the end we were able to raise enough donations to cover all of our costs as well as donate $3,000 to the centers we visited in September.

We have a small collection of photos from this years ride here: BBP 2017 Photos

2017’s ride continued to expand our community to include this route’s sanghas. This is a maturation which we hope contributes to the diversity and continued excitement of the Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage for another 15 years!

We received more good feedback about this route, including some improvements we can make, including more spiritual time.

For 2018 we’re planning more good stuff! Mark your calendar for Sept. 29/30 as we will be biking to Abhayagiri Monastery in Mendocino County again.

We have begun reaching out to those of you who volunteered for 2017 roles as we want you to remember us and we want extra time to ensure the success of our new Board members and Coordinators. In addition you expressed interest in keeping the DharmaWheels momentum rolling throughout the year and so we are working on coordinating local day-rides led by Pilgrims throughout the year.

More to come but be sure to let us know if you’re interested in hearing more or joining us throughout the year.

In conclusion, thank you everyone for all of your help and support in making the 2017 Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage a resounding success and we’re looking forward to doing it again in 2018!

Wishing a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

DharmaWheels Foundation Board of Directors

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  • Shuttle Ride Back to the
    beginning at Spirit Rock
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