The 2018 Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage is completed!

Planning for 2019 Pilgrimages is underway

NEW for 2019 - mini-pilgrimages!
Projected date for the banner event - September 28-29, 2019

“And may our coming here together be of benefit to all beings everywhere.”

The Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage is run entirely on a volunteer basis. There is no fee to join. Instead, participants offer food, supplies, effort, volunteering, metta (loving kindness) and monetary donations for our journeys.    

The 2018 spiritual theme was
the emotion and quality of equanimity

In Pali, it is translated into two different words used by the Buddha to represent different aspects of equanimity.
“Upekkha” translates as “to look over” and reflects the power of observation that see does not get caught up by what it sees. It is the ease of seeing the bigger picture with patience and understanding.

The second translation is “Tatramajjhattata” “ two words combined that mean, “to stand in the middle of all this” It is the quality of equanimity that refers to balance, to remaining centered in the middle of whatever is happening.

As we prepare for this Pilgrimage, and on our actual journey, we will have many opportunities to use mindfulness to observe and practice these two qualities of equanimity.

As a collective group of Pilgrims on this ride, we will have the opportunity to support each other and experience the strong presence of inner calm, well-being, confidence, vitality and integrity that is the gift of the practice of equanimity.

(Adapted from a talk by Gil Fronsdal, May 29, 2004

May our Bicycles, Hearts and Minds enjoy Balance !


 ————–Current Status————–       

  • Registration Page………..Closed until the next pilgrimage
  • Volunteer Registration….Closed until the next pilgrimage
  • Rider Registration……….Closed until the next pilgrimage
  • Food & Item DonationsClosed until the next pilgrimage
  • Shuttle Ride Back to the start… Closed until the next pilgrimag
  • Donating Dana……………OPEN


We’re now on Strava!