2016 Pilgrimage Route

Pilgrimage Route: 2016 

“Support and Gear” (SAG) vehicles and Rest Stops will be available along the route and will come to your aid. But, because of the nature of the event as a volunteer effort, riders are encouraged to be as self-sufficient as possible. Please carry basic tools and be prepared to repair your own flat tires, and be sure to carry plenty of water. All participants should also be in good physical shape with the intention to complete the ride on their own power. We recommend all riders take advantage of the training rides organized by other riders. This will get you in shape and provide the opportunity to meet other members of our cycling sangha.

Day 1 — 82 miles, 1500 ft of climbing

Soul Food Farm to American Buddhist Seminary to Beal’s Point Campground

On our first day we will meet early at a small organic farm just off highway 80 near Vacaville. An opening ceremony will spiritually fuel us for day’s 82 -mile journey. Several organized Rest Stops along the way will provide water, energy drinks, and snacks, along with a little good cheer and words of encouragement. We’ll stop for lunch at American Buddhist Seminary.

The route first heads north from Soul Food Farm to Lake Solano County Park.  We’ll then head east towards Davis to the park and the US Cycling Hall of Fame.  After leaving Davis we join a bike trail that crosses the Sacramento River Basin into West Sacramento, we leave the trail and proceed through W. Sacramento to reach American Buddhist Seminary, a small center that hosts Theravadan monks from various Asian countries. Our lunch will be prepared by our volunteers at American Buddhist Seminary and there will be opportunities to interact with the monks. After leaving the seminary, we cross the Sacramento River and arrive in Oldtown Sacramento, after a few turns we start heading east on bike trails along the American River. We follow these trails for the second half of day 1’s ride, until we reach Beal’s Point Campground on the West shore of Lake Folsom. A catered dinner will be delivered.

The day will end with a short evening Dharma program at 8pm, and then early to bed!


Day 2 — 43 miles, 4400 feet climbing

Beal’s Point Campground to Dieu Hhan Zen Convent to Aloka Vihara

An optional early morning meditation will begin the day. After eating breakfast and packing up, riders hit the road early. After 4 miles of riding on bike trails along near Folsom Lake, we’ll leave Folsom on a busy road, but hopefully there will be minimal traffic on an early Sunday morning. After we start to climb, a lovely detour takes us past farms and then we return to the main road. In the town of Rescue, we leave the main road briefly to visit the Vietnamese Zen nuns at Dieu Nhan Zen Convent for our first rest stop. We return to the main road and then cross under Highway 50 and get on another bike trail that climbs up to the town of Placerville. We’ll pass halfway through Placerville before getting on another bike trail that crosses back over 50 and follows it for awhile. A short climb up a hill after the trail ends takes us to a small organic farm for our second rest stop. Descending the hill we will cross over Highway 50 again and will get on a road that climbs from Placerville towards Aloka Vihara. Ten more miles climbing and then onto a short gravel road. We will arrive at Aloka Vihara where we will be welcomed by the bhikkunis. We’ll have a lunch prepared by our volunteers and a closing ceremony before commencing our voyage home.