Board Members

The following people are members of the DharmaWheels Foundation Board of Directors and Coordinators who volunteer their time to help organize the Pilgrimage.  To contact them, click on their name.

Scott Boultinghouse: Director, President
2017 Camping coordinator – Saturday camp
2017 Spiritual coordinator
2017 Training ride coordinator
I tagged along on the first BBP and have been volunteering or riding every year except one. I was the Gear Truck driver for years until Dennis and team convinced me this riding this was actually fun and they talked me into buying a bike. The idea of combining the Buddhist community I felt home in with friends who I love riding with has been amazing over these years and I’ve appreciated some amazing friendships through this annual Pilgrimage!


Paul Ries: Director, Treasurer
2017 Route Cue Sheet coordinator
2017 Route Marking coordinator
I started meditating in 2004 and immediately saw a connection with my cycling so found Dharmawheels on the Web. After participating a few years, I looked for a way to contribute as a volunteer. I wanted to still do the ride so I picked route marking and done it ever since. In 2011, a large group of Board members were standing down, so several of us signed up. I was the Secretary for 4 years, and now I’m the Treasurer. Last year I helped design the new route and cue sheets, and I’ll be marking the route two days before the pilgrimage this year.

Brian Kruse:  Vice President, Website
I found the BBP ride back in 2015 when I first began cycling again since I was a teenager. The distance scared me as I hadn’t rode that far yet, so my partner and I decided we’d like to volunteer first to get a look at the process. WOW, what I good idea that was. We really enjoyed the vibe, the people and the theme of the ride (which is set with intention each year). In fact, I still have the theme stickers that were handed out to everyone as a reminder by putting on their bikes and in my case my car. It was “contentment and gratitude”. In 2016 the Dharmawheels board asked for interest and I jumped at the chance to help. I will look forward to this ride as long as I can as the group is such a kind and loving one. And I come all the way from Portland, OR!

Peter Crimmin: Director, Secretary, 2018 BBP Ride Coordinator

2018 Ride Coordinator coordinator
DharmaWheels Board of Directors, Secretary
The year 2017 is my 7th pilgrimage (some people have done all 15). First I came for the idea of mixing Buddhism with bicycles. Then I returned for the people I’d met and the idea of pilgrimage, and next I learned about service wanted to volunteer. We were energized last year by the new route and monastic settings, and now I’m rediscovering the people and the gifts of service.



Andrew Hillman: Director, 2018 Volunteer Coordinator
I stumbled across a flyer for the Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage at Eugene Cash’s Sunday Night Meditation in 2007. I thought, “Fantastic! This combines two of my passions.”  Been back every year since. I know the event itself is only one weekend but I carry it with me throughout the entire year. In the middle of Winter I’m thinking, “I need to do my at least 70 miles every week” to maintain my fitness for the Pilgrimage in September. I love the Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage.



Stephen Altman: Director
I have ridden the BBP for several years, and previously volunteered as a Rest Stop and Bus Coordinator. I came across the Pilgrimage while visiting Spirit Rock but did not believe I was able to complete the course at that time, having bicycled mostly as a commuter. I waited until the following year to ride my first pilgrimage when temperatures reached 110 degrees. Since that time I have embraced cycling as a recreational passion, on the road, in the mountains and for urban travel.
I encourage anyone to participate in any small or large way that they feel moved to, whether it would be as a volunteer or rider for part of or the whole route. See you on the road!

Phil Wiegand: Director
I am pretty sure this will be my 11th pilgrimage. I look forward to the dharma talks and company of the pedaling sangha. I have been the bus guy for the last 5 years. I am still content and grateful from the stickers I put on my bike several years ago. I hope we can do the traditional Spirit Rock to Abhayagiri route again.





Julie DeHart: Director

I had the honor of serving as the Registrar for the very first Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage so many years ago and have been drawn to serve
on a volunteer basis for many years since.  Let’s see,,,, kitchen crew, rest stop, monastic vehicle driver:  I have enjoyed every opportunity
to serve in any capacity needed because the event always creates and nurtures a community of friendliness, cooperation, generosity, fun and most importantly Buddhist principles in action.  It is a joy to have the opportunity again this year to serve.