Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage

All things have a beginning, a middle and an end.
Our 2016 Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage was a great success, again!

*** Mark your calendars for our next Pilgrimage on September 23-24, 2017 ***

“And may our coming here together be of benefit to all beings everywhere.”

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The Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage is run entirely on a volunteer basis. There is no set fee to join us.  Instead, participants offer food, supplies, effort, volunteering, metta (loving kindness) and monetary donations for the two-day journey.

       ————–Current Status————–       

  • Registration Page………..CLOSED
  • Volunteer Registration….CLOSED 
  • Rider Registration……….CLOSED
  • Food & Item DonationsCLOSED
  • Shuttle Ride Back to the beginning at Soul Food Farm ….CLOSED
  • Donating Dana……………OPEN

—————Spiritual Theme—————

Dogen says, “On the great road of Buddha Ancestors there is always unsurpassable practice, continuous and sustained.  It forms a circle of the Way and is never cut off.” What event could be more appropriate as a demonstration and embodiment of this great circle of the Way than a pilgrimage where each pilgrim spends the day deeply engaged with body and breath, and the wonder of gliding across the state of California on a bike, or else equally engaged with the support and and care for their fellow pilgrims?

Dogen invites all of us to continuously bring mindfulness and Right View to the activity of the moment, to bring forth a mind that is unstintingly compassionate to self and other and, with that, to step directly into the middle of our experience – neither adding anything  in or leaving anything out. How can we resist such an invitation?

Welcome to the 15th annual Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage!

To mark our 15th anniversary, this year our fully supported sangha-on-wheels will explore a new route and visit new Dharma centers. The final destination of our journey will be the Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery in the Sierra foothills. The Aloka Vihara sisters (http://saranaloka.org/about/nuns-community/) are a community of bhikkhunis (fully-ordained nuns) dedicated to practicing the Buddha’s teaching in the style of the Theravada Forest Tradition. They have been active in the Bay Area community since 2009 and accompanied the Pilgrimage in 2013 and 2014. In 2015, the sisters established their new residence and training center for bhikkhunis in the Sierra foothills.

We are very excited to support the nuns of Aloka Vihara and we know you will enjoy visiting their beautiful monastery, nestled among pine forests and live oaks in the majestic Sierra Nevada.

Our pilgrimage will begin at Soul Food Farm near Fairfield, about 45 minutes northeast of Berkeley. Our day 1 route will take us along bike paths and country roads across the Sacramento Valley, with stops at Lake Solano, the US Cycling Hall of Fame, American Buddhist Seminary and the full length of the American River bike trail. We’ll bed down on the shores of Folsom Lake (Beal’s Point campground) for the night. Day 1 is ~80 flat miles, much of it on paved bike trail or quiet rural roads.

The route on day 2 takes us into the Sierra foothills, where we’ll climb through oak woodlands, pine forests and vineyards to visit Dien Nhan Monastery, through the gold rush towns of Rescue and Placerville, and end the day at Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery. Day 2 is 42 miles of alternating climbs and rolling hills.

And speaking of changes, we are pleased to announce that Autumn Bernstein is our 2016 coordinator,. As the wheel of Dharma turns, we give a deep bow of gratitude to our former ride coordinator Zachary Smith, who skillfully organized our pilgrimage for the last 2 years. And we welcome Autumn with the new energy and excitement that she brings to us.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that this event relies on the generosity and donations of everyone participating through acts of service and volunteering and by the gifts of food, gear and dana (generosity) to cover expenses, lodging and the teachings.

For 14 years this ride has happened through the efforts of an amazing team of volunteers and this year we need YOUR help! With a new route comes new logistics and new tasks, so we really hope you can pitch in to make this year’s ride a success.

We are still looking to fill a few key roles. In order for this pilgrimage to happen we need to find volunteers for the following roles:

Rest Stop Coordinator: Organize rest stop crews and scheduling

Volunteer Coordinator: Organize volunteers for check-in, campsite and ending ceremonies

Transportation Coordinator: Help organize transportation to/from the start as well as the return bus from Aloka Vihara.

Food Coordinator: Organize volunteers and food donations to provide lunch on both days, and coordinate with caterers for dinner and breakfast (some professional food handling experience preferred).

General registration will open in the near future, but we do need help in these vital roles in order to make this year’s pilgrimage a success. Please contact Autumn at bbp.ride.coordinator@gmail.com if you can help with this year’s ride!

Blessings to All,

Autumn, 2016 Ride Coordinator
and the Dharmawheels Board