Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage

Mark your calendars for September 26-27, 2015

for our next Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage.

The Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage is run entirely on a volunteer basis. There is no set fee to join; instead, participants offer monetary donations, food, supplies, effort, and metta (loving kindness) for the two-day journey.

————–Current Status————–

  • Volunteer Registration….Closed
  • Rider Registration………..Closed
  • Food & Item Donations….Closed
  • Donating Dana……………OPEN
  • Shuttle Ride Back to Spirit Rock ….Closed


(Posted: November 21, 2014)

Greetings, 2014 Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrims!

How fitting that, in the week of Thanksgiving, we’re able to share such abundantly good news with you. Thanks to your gifts of in-kind and financial generosity, the 2014 BBP collected dana totaling $5000, after expenses.

The Dharmawheels Foundation is sending a $1,000 check to each of the five spiritual centers: Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Sae Taw Win II, City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, Aloka Vihara and Abhayagiri Monastery.*

Our spiritual theme of “Community” continues! It is a special sangha, indeed, when people, bikes and Dharma come together!!! THANK YOU for your support and participation in this event.

We hope to have you with us on the journey, again, next year. Please recall, we are looking for help. If you are interested in serving in a Coordinator position, or shadowing a current Coordinator (to learn the ropes for 2016), please click here to email Lauren Van Ham, DharmaWheels President.

AND…Please mark your calendars: September 26 & 27, 2015. Registration will open (approximately) in early August.

With Every Good Wish to you this season and in the New Year!
Happy Riding,

The DharmaWheels Foundation Board Members:
Tracy Dellavalle Hime Levine Paul Ries Zachary Smith Lauren Van Ham

*Dharmawheels’ financial statements will be available to anyone, upon request at the end of the year.


(Posted: October 3, 2014 after the BBP Ride)

I think it must be true that the future Buddha is somewhere, very ready … the Buddha will appear not as a person but as sangha, as community.

- Thich Nhat Hanh

Greetings Pilgrims!

How has your week been? It is our hope that you have felt the “life-line” of Community each day since we parted ways on Sunday; it has been SO sweet to read the tidbits a number of you have shared with your “reply all” messages this week. :) Each one of you helped to create another Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage – Volunteers, Riders, Coordinators, Monasteries, Board members and everyone else – and we made it safely, together.

Please read this message carefully. Your support with a few remaining odds and ends will really help us as we finish up this year’s BBP and set intentions for 2015:

  1. Lost and Found. Hime, very cleverly, has included a photo (attached below) with several lost-n-found items that just might belong to you. Please zoom in and take a look! If you see something that is yours, you may contact Hime here. After 30 days, any remaining items will be donated.
  2. Survey. The last two years, we have found your comments and suggestions very helpful in improving the BBP experience (registration process, support documents for the volunteers, logistics along the route, spiritual theme, etc). The survey is only one page and you can complete it quite quickly by clicking here. Thank you, in advance for taking the time and sharing your feedback.
  3. Gratitude. At the closing ceremonies, we did our best to offer gratitude for a number of individuals who gave (a LOT) to create this year’s BBP. Zachary listed the key coordinators (Peter, Phil, David, Kevin, John & Cookie, Scott, Dennis, Paul, and Tracy); and of course, there are so many more of you. Our joyful thanks to you, Volunteer Pilgrims!!!
  4. One individual we neglected to circle back and thank last Sunday is…Zachary! Our Ride Coordinator! The Ride Coordinator begins to organize the BBP in March, and works increasingly each week until the event. Perhaps, when you complete the survey, you’ll include a special note for Zachary, thanking him for the steadiness, happiness, and overall organization he brought to fulfill his role, and to our shared experience together.
  5. Dana. At this point in time, we have received $7,879.00 which more than covers our expenses. Each year, once the pilgrimage expenses are covered, the DharmaWheels treasurer will take all remaining funds from the account and divide them evenly between the Five spiritual centers. If you are still intending to give, please support the centers and teachers by offering dana here. You will receive from us (early November), a message providing the dollar amount we are gifting each center.
  6. Photos and Gifts. Have you taken a look at your BBP CD yet? Abhayagiri did a wonderful job! Some photos from the 2014 Pilgrimage have already been posted. See them here. If you have some good photos of the week-end, please contact Hime here.

PIilgrims, we hope you enjoyed the ride, the weather, the talks, the food, the support, the Dharma, the love, the generosity, the smiles, the hugs and everything else.

Cultivate Community…and, enjoy your magical gift of life.

With love and a deep bow to each of you,

The DharmaWheels Board

Lauren Van Ham, Liz Walton, Hime Levine, Paul Ries and Zachary Smith

Special thanks to the 2014 team of Coordinators (and of course our Volunteers)

  • BBP Ride Coordinator: Zachary Smith
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Peter Crimmin
  • Kitchen Coordinator: Kevin Kienast
  • RideShare Coordinator: Phil Wiegand
  • Rest Stop Coordinator: Scott Boaltinghouse
  • SAG/Sweep Coordinator: David Harcos
  • Gear Truck Coordinator: John Berry
  • Spiritual Theme Coordinator: Dennis Crean
  • Check-In Coordinator: Tracy Dellavalle

Our annual pilgrimage starts from Spirit Rock Meditation Center (Woodacre), through Sebastopol (visit Sae Taw Win Center) to Cloverdale (camp overnight at the KOA); then on to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas (Ukiah), arriving at Abhayagiri Monastery (Redwood Valley).

PLEASE NOTE: for 2015, we’re especially looking for volunteer pilgrims who are willing to “shadow” (i.e. learn the ropes) of the Coordinator positions. If you are curious and would like more information, please click Here to email Lauren Van Ham, DharmaWheels President.

May these next months gift you with great riding! We hope to see you on some of our training rides along the way! Stay tuned!

Good wishes,

From the DharmaWheels Board