Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage

Mark your calendars for September 24-25, 2016

for our 15th Annual Buddhist Bicycle PilgrimageTurning our Wheels for the Dharma v7


Posted: October 2, 2015       [Registrations are Closed]

Well, the dust has settled (a little), everyone is home safe and – wonder of wonders! – it decided to rain. I think what this means is the 2015 Buddhist Bike Pilgrimage (the 14th annual!) is over. Thank you all so much for your wholehearted and spirited participation. Every one of you – even the ones who, for one reason or another had to sit this one out – gave their all to make it a memorable and rewarding experience for everyone.

Contentment and Gratitude fill the skies and cover the great Earth.

First and foremost, we’re grateful to the Buddhist centers that generously host and support this annual event. They are all actively engaged in spreading the Dharma in this land where the need is so great, and working unstintingly to relieve the suffering of all beings. What could be more worthy of praise and support? If you are able, now would be an excellent time to visit the Dana page on the DharmaWheels site – https://www.dharmawheels.org/?page_id=1934 – and make a donation. This will ensure both that the costs of the Pilgrimage are completely covered and that more is left over to distribute to our hosts.

Hime has put together a “Lost and Found” page detailing items in both categories. If you’ve lost something on the Pilgrimage or find yourself in possession of items that, on close inspection, turn out not to be yours, this – https://www.dharmawheels.org/?page_id=3905 – is where to set it right.

Even though it’s a year away, it’s not too soon to start thinking about next year’s Pilgrimage. Perhaps, you enjoyed riding or volunteering this year and it occurred to you that it might be fun to dig in a little deeper. We are always looking for people who wish to be Coordinators and if you think this might be you then please let us know. You can always change your mind, of course. Equally, the DharmaWheels Board has a few slots open and if you have some experience and interest in participating at this level then let us know as well. In either case you can contact me -bbp.ride.coordinator@gmail.com – and I’ll pass along the message.

We love to get feedback on how things went for you and have put up a survey for this purpose. Please visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MSKLHVQ and let us know what you think.

If you have photos you’d like to share from the 2015 BBP, please contact Hime.

Finally, as Ride Coordinator I’ve tried my best for two years to carry forward this marvelous event. It has been a gift and an honor and I know that I’ve been unworthy of it. I’ve made so many mistakes that I can’t keep track of the ones I know about, not to mention the ones I’m not even aware of. I can only ask your forgiveness and understanding, and vow to do better.

10,000 thanks to all,

Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage Ride Coordinator

 Older post dated September 1, 2015

Note: We are closely monitoring the fires in Northern California.  At this point in 
time, the fire to the East of our route, (the Valley Fire which is 90% contained now), 
has been heading Southeast.  We are headed Northwest.  If for any reason, we think a 
fire might jeopardize you and our weekend Pilgrimage, we will notify you immediately.  
Your monetary donations will be refunded and hopefully your item donations can be returned.
Our compassion and meditations are with those who are suffering.
Note: Spirit Rock has many events the weekend of 9/26 and asks us to PLEASE CARPOOL.  
BBP cars will be packed tight.  Everyone taking the shuttle bus back from Abhayagiri 
will be blocked-in by each other to minimize the space we use.

Mark your calendars for September 26-27, 2015

for our 14th Annual Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage

Turning our Wheels for the Dharma v7                        ( See our Registration Page )

[Volunteer Registration..CLOSED ]   [Rider Registration..CLOSED ]

[Donating Dana..OPEN]   [Food & Item Donations..CLOSED]      

[Shuttle Ride back to Spirit Rock..CLOSED]

Hello Pilgrims and WELCOME!

Registration for the 2015 BBP has begun!

This year’s theme is “Contentment and Gratitude” (as referenced in the Mangala Sutta).  Once again, in the last weekend in September (26-27, 2015), our  moving sangha of cyclists, support volunteers and monastics will make the journey from Woodacre to Redwood Valley, CA, visiting Buddhist spiritual centers along the way.  This event happens solely on the generosity and donations of everyone participating through acts of service and volunteering, to the gifting of food, gear and dana to cover expenses, lodging and the teachings.

We welcome your presence and your support on this year’s pilgrimage, so please join us in the way that’s right for you.

Your Support Needed: (PLEASE read this entire list.  We guarantee you’ll find YOURSELF in one or more of these bulleted requests, Thank you!) :

  • Consider being a FUTURE Coordinator. We need individuals who are willing to help coordinate in 2016, to “shadow” this years’ Coordinators.  Learning the ropes to be a coordinator next year, REALLY makes the Pilgrimage planning simpler each spring.  A number of the Coordinator roles still allow people to cycle if they wish.  If you are willing to step up and train as a 2016 Coordinator, please contact this year’s Ride Coordinator, Zachary Smith.
  • Register to volunteer or ride in this year’s BBP!!!
  • Download our Flyer for the 2015 BBP from our website and share it with your Sangha and/or cycling friends and family. Spread the word!
  • Sign-up to host or attend a Training Ride.
  • Join the Board: The DharmaWheels Foundation must have a Board to exist.  The time commitment is low (heavier in the 2 months before the Pilgrimage).  The team is fun-loving.  We need 3-4 new members.  If you are willing to serve on the Board, please contact DharmaWheels President, Lauren Van Ham.
  • Last but NOT least, if you haven’t already, Join the DharmaWheels Announcement Group.  By being part of this listserve, you will receive relevant information about training rides, Pilgrimage updates and DharmaWheels-endorsed activities.  (NO flooding your inbox with unrelated information, we promise!!!)

THANK YOU for your interest and support in this unique and very special event. We look forward to seeing you soon,

DharmaWheels Board:

Lauren Van Ham, Zachary Smith, Hime Levine, Paul Ries, Scott Boultinghouse, Arielle Cohen

-Contacts for the 2015 Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage Coordinators-